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AV equipment available

AV equipment available

AV equipment available for speakers in the session rooms at Herning Congress Centre.

The following AV equipment will be available in each room:

  • a projector for displaying PowerPoint presentations with PC attached
  • a wireless device for switching between slides in PowerPoint
  • a wireless microphone for the speaker
  • a fixed microphone for the moderator
  • a number of portable microphones
  • a monitor for the speaker
  • a laser pointer

If you need any other equipment, please contact the secretariat well in advance of the conference. There are no immediate plans for internet access in any of the conference rooms.

The Secretariat will ensure that all submitted PowerPoint presentations are available on the PCs in each session room. There will be an IT assistant present in all session rooms throughout the conference. The conference assistants will ensure that the technical equipment such as PC, presentations, microphones, etc. function.

Please note that deadline for ALL presentations is Friday 10 January 2014, at 8 AM. It is not possible to use your own laptop PC or Mac for your presentation at the conference. We have had some bad experiences with that, and it can easily affect the subsequent speakers!

In case of any important factual errors in an already submitted presentation, please contact the secretariat as soon as possible.


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