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Instructions for PowerPoint presentations

Instructions for PowerPoint presentations
Guidelines for file size, use of templates and naming of PowerPoint presentations for the Danish Crop Production Conference 2014.

File size
All PowerPoint presentations will be published on the conference website by the end of the conference. Maximum size of any presentation is approx. 5 Mb. Therefore, any photos in a presentation must be compressed to an acceptable size. In general, there is very little gained in quality from showing photos that are larger than 200 Kb.

You may use this conference PowerPoint template or use a PowerPoint template of your own company/institution.

Submission and Deadline
Please send your PowerPoint presentation by email to Lotte Buchtrup Hornbek at the Knowledge Centre for Agriculture, Crop Production: no later than Friday 10 January 2014, at 8 AM. 

Size and transfer via FTP
If your presentation exceeds 5 Mb and cannot be further compressed, and therefore cannot be sent by mail, please contact Lotte Buchtrup Hornbek for transfer via FTP. 

If your presentation includes a video, please inform us about it - even if the video is embedded in your PowerPoint file. 

The files must be named with session no., presentation no. and title (eg: 9_1_WWF_and_agriculture.ppt). Note: The file format may be .ppt or .pptx 

You will receive a mail notification from Lotte Buchtrup Hornbek when she has received your presentation. In case you have sent your presentation, but have not received any reply by mail, please contact Lotte directly by phone (+45 8740 5456). 

Please note that it is not possible to use your own laptop PC/Mac for your presentation at the conference. We know from experience that it may cause problems, and it can easily affect the subsequent speakers!

In case of any important factual errors in an already submitted presentation, please contact the conference secretariat as soon as possible.

All presentations submitted in due time will be available on the PCs in the session rooms.

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