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Writing instructions

The abstracts should be prepared by the contributors and forwarded to Sonja Graugaard not later than November 19, 2013.

Conference proceedings containing abstracts of all contributions will be published in connection with “Plantekongres 2014”. The proceedings will be distributed to fee-paying participants at the congress, and the abstracts will be published on and on relevant pages on 

The conference proceedings will be published as a 4-colour print in the A4 format, and 2 pages will be allocated to each contribution according to the following guidelines:

  • Max. 6,000 keystrokes (spaces included) using the file format “Word”. The abstract must include:
    • Heading (identical to the title of the lecture, cf. the conference programme)
    • Summary – max. 150 keystrokes (spaces included)
    • Title, name, place of employment and email address of the contributor. Information relating to a co-author, if any, should be written in italics.
    • Main body text
    • Figures, photos and tables from the Internet are not usable
    • Type: Times New Roman, 11 p
    • Spacing: Single
    • References to literature should be listed alphabetically according to the name(s) of the author(s)

Abstract and attachments should be sent by email to Sonja Graugaard:

Additional information

  • The editors will carry out typesetting and lay-out. Therefore the contributor should not divide the text into columns etc., just as no codes should be included in the text.
  • Word file, JPG/passport photos and Excel tables/figures should be given the contribution number and title of the published programme as their file names. For example: for Session No. 9, Contribution No. 2, Title “Konsekvenser for dit landbrug”:
  • 9_2_Konsekvenser_for_dit_landbrug.doc
  • 9_2_Konsekvenser_for_dit_landbrug.jpg
  • 9_2_Konsekvenser_for_dit_landbrug.xls
  • It should be stressed that the entire contribution (text, photos, tables and figures) must be forwarded in a single email with the attachments named as described above.
  • Sonja Graugaard, AU, DJF will carry out a linguistic proofreading, and a scientific programme group will be responsible for a scientific proofreading. Minor linguistic corrections will be made without the acceptance of the contributor. The contributor will be involved in case major changes are needed.
  • See an example of a conference abstract.

Regarding questions concerning the preparation of abstracts, please contact Sonja Graugaard either by phone on +45 8715 8185 or by email:

Contact: Sonja Graugaard

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